Optic Neuritis is due to inflammation of the optic nerve. Often this is a result of the immune system attacking a person’s own nerve cells. It can lead to severe loss of vision. Many cases are due to multiple sclerosis.

At Cell Surgical Network®, we have been studying the effects of SVF (rich in mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors) for a number of ophthalmologic degenerative conditions including optic neuritis. We have evidence that may be effective in mitigating the long term effects of optic neuritis. Many of our innovative deployment methods are based on techniques used around the world and also used in the veterinary experience. All of our deployments are performed by a board certified ophthalmologist with decades of medical experience. We have several types of eye injections that are IRB Institutional Review Board approved and we have specially designed a deployment that is best suited for optic neuritis which combines systemic with local approaches and emphasizes safety for our patients. The SVF is procured from your own fat and the deployment injections are done intravenously and also behind the eye close to the optic nerve. Multiple treatments may be required. The entire procedure is done with local anesthesia and takes approximately 3 hours.

We care about our Ophthalmology patients at the Cell Surgical Network® and take pride in the time we provide to our patients to deploy the best investigational protocols to help our patients achieve their goals. At this time, ophthalmology procedures are only available at a few of our centers. Please call our 800 number to find out more information 800-231-0407. Or fill out our Confidential Candidate Application and request California Stem Cell Treatment Center.

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