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Dr. Lekkos completed his medical school training at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, graduating in the top 5 in his class.  He then completed his Emergency Medicine training at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston in 2001.  After practicing medicine for nearly ten years, he realized the conventional approach to patient care is more about masking symptoms with medications than looking for the underlying cause of the disease state.

This led Dr. Lekkos to Functional and Regenerative Medicine as a new approach to patient care.  Functional Medicine looks at the whole person, and interplay between the environment, lifestyle,  hormones, nutritional status, toxic load and the effects they have on health; not simply treating symptoms.  Functional medicine looks for the underlying root cause of an illness or disease state. Once discovered, a customized treatment plan unique to the individual can then be implemented.

Regenerative Medicine enhances the body’s built in mechanisms of self repair and cellular regeneration.  This is accomplished with the power of adult stem cells.  By optimizing hormones, lifestyle, and specialized nutrients, adult stem cell function can be stimulated to promote the creation of new cells, tissues, and organs. This allows restorative function to previous declining health issues and restores function to once declining health.  The regeneration of cellular function can be thought of as truly anti-aging.  Now, with the cutting edge technology of autologous stem cell harvesting procedures, one can access this potentially potent healing modality with relative ease.  Furthermore, the ability to cryopreserve and replicate these cells for multiple future treatments provides not only the regenerative capacity now, but also for future diseases that may arise.

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