Lewis J. Obi M.D., a board certified plastic surgeon, has practiced in Jacksonville, Florida since the 1970’s and continues to set the pace for his colleagues. He was born in Jacksonville, graduated Cum Laude, Rho Chi and Phi Kappa Phi at the University of Florida, acquiring a five year degree in three years. After working as a practicing pharmacist he then graduated from the University of Miami Cum Laude and AOA while working full time as a pharmacist to support his family. Dr. Lewis Obi then completed his residencies in General Surgery, Hand Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery with additional training in Cardiovascular Surgery as well as Heart Transplant Surgery.



3599 University Boulevard South, Suite 604
Jacksonville, Florida 32216
Telephone 904-399-0905
Facsimile: 904-346-0757


Jacksonville, Florida


Myra Bairstow (23 years)


Five daughters, two sons and ten grandchildren.


Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy University of Florida – (Five year degree completed in three years – Cum Laude), 1958

University of Florida and University of Miami – completion of premedical curriculum, 1961

University of Miami School of Medicine – Medical degree – 1965 – AOA
(Full time employment as registered pharmacist during medical school – supporting family of five)


Rotating Internship – United States Navy (nominated as intern of year)

General Surgery – Jacksonville Hospital Educational Program (JHEP) now Shands, Jacksonville (Affiliated with University of Florida Medical School)

Plastic Surgery – JHEP now Shands Jacksonville (Affiliated with University of Florida Medical School) – successful completion with Board eligibility, 1971

Ancillary Specialty Training-Reconstructive Surgery; Aesthetic Surgery; Hand Surgery; Maxillofacial Surgery (inc. cleft deformities); Cardiovascular Surg

Preceptorships, Fellowship and additional preparation for board certification: Shriners Burn Institute, Boston; Drs. Ralph Millard and Thomas Baker, Miami; Dr. Gonzales-Ulloa, Mexico City, Stanford University Board Preparatory Courses: Dr. John Snow – Hand Surgery Training, two years; Dr. Charles Ammon – Maxillofacial Surgery Training, two years; Dr. Theodore Batchelder – Cardiovascular Surgery at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in conjunction with primary research at Heart Transplantation Dog Laboratory in Jacksonville, one year.


Dr. D. Ralph Millard, University of Miami, Miami, Florida – repeated visits with Dr. Millard consisting of surgical observation, interaction with residents and plastic surgery colleagues and presentations at ground rounds – 1969 – 1982. Also interacted with Dr. Millard’s residents at my surgery center in Jacksonville. Residents rotating through my center included Dr. John Devine, Dr. Bernard Barrett, Dr. John Obi, Dr. Craig Bass and several other Millard trained plastic surgeons.

Dr. Thomas Baker, Coral Gables, Florida – 1971 – 1992. Repeated visits including live surgical observation, attendance and participation as faculty at the Baker-Gordon symposia. Co-author Chemical Peeling and Dermabrasion chapter in Bernard Barret’s “Patient Care in Plastic Surgery” First edition 1982, second edition 1996.

Dr. J. William Littler. New York, N.Y. – 1969 – 1973 – attended conferences and discussions in hand surgery with Dr. John Snow.

Dr. Mario Gonzales-Ulloa. Mexico City: 1971 – clinical tour observing live surgery and attending lectures and ground rounds.

Stanford University – 1973 – Plastic Surgery Board Preparatory Course.


Board Certification in Pharmacy (Florida) – 1959

National Board of Medical Examiners – Step 1 – 1963 (90 percentile nationally); Step 2 – 1965; Step 3 – 1966

Florida State Board of Medicine Certification – September 1, 1966 (current) – (As of April 2011 there were no DPR complaints nor lawsuits* after 45 years of Medical Licensure) *see footnote 1.

American Board of Plastic Surgery – June 1973 (Current) – Voluntarily and successfully re-examined by ABPS in November 1977


Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) – every two years from 1977- 2010 (current)

AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration) Facility Certification with Annual Recertification 1988 – 2011 (current)

Medicare license for Samuel Wells Surgicenter – 1988 – (current)

CME Requirements by State Board of Medicine – 1966 – (current)

CME Requirement for American Board of Plastic Surgery – 1973 – (current)

Palomar Starlux 300/500 laser – 2005-2011 – Replaced with more advanced Icon platform October 2011 – (current)

Lifesculpt powered by SlimLipo platform November 2008 – (current)

Adivive (Lipokit) Fat Processing Unit – January 2011 (current)


Florida Board of Pharmacy 1959

Florida Board of Medicine 1966 (current)

Agency for Health Care Administration (Samuel Wells Surgicenter) -1988 (current) – Established the first comprehensive and fully licensed Ambulatory Surgery Center for Plastic Surgery in the state of Florida

Medicare (Samuel Wells Surgicenter) – 1988 (current)


Rho Chi Honorary Pharmacy Fraternity (top 5% of class while completing a 5 year curriculum within 3 years)

Phi Kappa Phi National Honorary Fraternity and B.S.P. cum laude, University of Florida

Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Medical Fraternity – University of Miami Medical School

Nominated as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art, London (the oldest and most prestigious art guild in the world) for Dr. Lewis Obi’s with British Artist Daniel Samuels FRSA. Five years of intense work with Daniels in England resulted in the publication of “Olympians, Gods and Heroes” Suite of Original Lithographs and Portfolio of Greek mythology and establishment of the international firm of Obiarts, Inc. 1983.

(Very few physicians in the United States (if any) have ever acquired the above honorary memberships representing the disciplines of basic science, pharmacy, medicine and art).

Internship Awards, United States Navy – (intern of the year nominee)
First Place Award for the 1971 Senior Residents Presentation in Plastic Surgery entitled “Permanent Preservation Anatomic Dissection”, published in the American Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1973.


United States Marine Corps – March 1952 through March 1960 (active duty until 1955 while serving in Korea) – Rank of Sergeant at age 18.

United States Navy Medical Corps – July 1965 – June 1968

Military Decorations – United States Marine Corps: National Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Ribbon, United Nations Service Ribbon, Marine Corps Reserve Ribbon. Veteran of two wars: Korean and Viet Nam.


Florida State Board of Medicine Licensee (1966-current and a life member)

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (1973-current and a life member)

Member American Society of Plastic Surgeons (1973-current and a life member)

Member American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (1980-current)

American Medical Association (1967-current – life member)

Florida Medical Association (1971-current-life member)

Duval County Medical Society (1971-current-life member)

Florida Plastic Surgery Society (current)

Southeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons (past membership)

Greater Jacksonville Society of Plastic Surgeons (1971-current, past president and senior active member)

AOA National Honorary Medical Fraternity (1964-current)

Florida Society of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (1988-current)


Memorial Medical Center – Jacksonville, Florida (current)

Baptist Memorial Center – Jacksonville, Florida

Saint Luke’s Hospital – Jacksonville, Florida

Saint Vincent’s Hospital – Jacksonville, Florida

University Hospital of Jacksonville (Now Shands Jacksonville)


Fellow of the Royal Society of Art (London)
awarded in 1986 for contributions and accomplishments in the Arts (current).

Republican Eagles

Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Fraternity (University of Florida) (lifetime)

Rho Chi Honorary Pharmaceutical Fraternity (lifetime)

Patron Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (current)

President of Obiarts, Inc. (an international art corporation)

Black Belt, Korean Tang Soo Do Association – 1980

Black Belt American Style – 2007 – current (2nd Dan testing 2012)

New York City Runners Club (completed three New York Marathons)

Jacksonville Artists Guild (2011)

Benefactor and Donor to numerous museums, universities, churches, etc;
which has resulted in honorary memberships to non-medical organizations.
These include but not limited to: Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC, American Wing of the Smithsonian, Milwaukee Art Museum, Penn State University Palmer Museum of Art, Yale Museum, Illinois State Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Jacksonville, Jacksonville University Alexander Brest Museum, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), the Swope Museum

Patron to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


Dr Lewis Obi Established one of the first comprehensive Ambulatory Surgery Center for Plastic Surgery in the United States in 1976. This center was enlarged and enhanced over a period of thirty five years and now is the premier center of excellence in plastic surgery. For a decade it was the only licensed Ambulatory Surgery Center for Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville and one of only three in the state of Florida. Lewis Obi has assisted numerous plastic surgeons with their facilities and also with efforts towards state licensure of these facilities. Located at 3599 University Boulevard South, Dr. Obi’s 12,000 square foot facility includes three separate entities: Samuel Wells Surgicenter, Inc., Lewis J. Obi, M.D., P.A. and Renaissance, Center for Cosmetic Renewal. Dr. Obi is currently working with select associations in an effort to share these facilities with other plastic surgeons.

During his entire life time Dr. Lewis Obi has developed his skills as a dedicated worker, student and teacher. His four hour sleep schedule since childhood has allowed Dr. Obi to maintain an active practice while continuing to learn and teach. During the first 25 years of his plastic surgery practice, Dr. Obi has actively been involved in teaching numerous residents, medical students, nurses and surgical scrub techs. More recently he has been on the cutting edge of body sculpturing lasers (SlimLipo) and stem cell concentrated fat grafting (Adivive). During the past three years he has taught and lectured on numerous occasions to a national audience of plastic surgeons. His most notable accomplishment has been in the area of state licensure for free standing plastic surgery centers. Visitors to the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic includes plastic surgeons worldwide.

Plastic Surgeons are all innovators in various techniques. However, one of Dr. Obi’s favorite borrowed quotes is “If you think you have invented a new surgical technique then you are not well read in the archives of plastic surgery”. Along with other colleagues, Dr. Lewis Obi shares the podium in the evolution of free standing plastic surgery facilities that have acquired both state (AHCA) and national licensure (Medicare) in the United States (first in the state of Florida). During residency and the early years of practice many innovative techniques in the area of reconstructive and hand surgery were introduced as outlined in the publications listed below.

Early in his practice Dr. Lewis Obi was one of the dominant surgeons in Jacksonville in the area of reconstructive surgery. The numerous patients
he treated were in the areas of traumatic deformities including burns and spinal cord injuries; maxillofacial and skull injuries; congenital deformities including cleft lip and palate; all types of cancers including breast cancer, skin cancers, melanomas, etc. Skills and knowledge of every aspect of plastic surgery stimulated development of new techniques and innovations. This was facilitated by a new technique of anatomic preservations co-authored by Dr. Lewis Obi with Dr. John Snow entitled “Permanent Presentation of Anatomic Dissections” published in the American Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1973. This expertise and knowledge allowed Dr. Lewis Obi to teach his residents and students techniques of plastic surgery on fresh cadavers during the first ten years of his practice.

In 1972 Dr. Obi was one of the first American surgeons to integrate the use of saline filled breast implants into his practice. Many techniques of breast as well as nipple and areolar reconstructive procedures were adopted and refined early on. Dr. Obi was one of the earliest plastic surgeons to perform nipple sparing mastectomies on high risk breast cancer patients completing treatment in more than 100 patients during the 1970’s and 1980’s. More than 30 years ago Dr. Obi evolved his technique of cosmetic breast augmentation with the use of an areolar incision and total placement of the breast prosthesis behind the chest wall muscles.

In the area of cleft lip and palate surgery, Dr. Obi shared his experience and refinements with his mentor Dr. Ralph Millard who became world famous for his voluminous contributions in this area of plastic surgery. Facial fillers for both aesthetic and reconstructive patients was an area of early clinical research beginning more than 30 years ago. This has evolved to the area of stem cell concentrated fat grafting when Dr. Obi received the first FDA approved entirely enclosed fat processing unit (Adivive) in January 2011. During the first four months of his experience in 25 patients Dr. Obi has already shared his results with presentations in Dallas, Boston and New York.

An especially innovative and highly successful invention by Dr. Lewis Obi is the technique of lifting the lateral brow through a direct approach. During the past 28 years he has performed this procedure on more than 5000 brows with the highest success rate of any other technique. In contrast to numerous other procedures designed to correct saggy brows, the Obi technique provides a more natural correction without the “deer in the head lights” look.
Along with innovations and refinements including SlimLipo and Adivive fat grafting, Integration of these very advanced modalities has reduced the invasive nature of facial rejuvenation along with risks, scarring and bottom line expense to the patient. Dr. Obi’s facial rejuvenation technique has a unique trademark reflecting his lifelong involvement in the visual arts. An original quote of Dr. Lewis Obi’s is “Medicine’s contribution to art is the art of Plastic Surgery”.


1965: Medical World News: “5000 year history of plastic surgery” sole author senior year medical school.

1967 – Trigger Thumb in Infants and Children – FMA Journal.

1968-1969 – A Clinical Model for the Study of Heart Transplants in Canines – published by the Northeast Florida Heart Association.

1969 – The History of Rhinoplasty – published in the Medical Tribune

1970 – Island Pedicle Flaps in the Hand (John W. Snow M.D. – senior author) – published in the American Surgeon

1971 – Carcinoma of the Colon and Rectum in Patients 25 Years of Age and Younger. (Dr. Emmett Ferguson senior author) – published in the American Journal of Surgery.

1972 – Fingertip Preservation After Distal Phalangeal Removal (John W. Snow M.D., senior author) – published in the FMA Journal.

1972 – A New Instrument for the Treatment of Rhinophyma – American Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

1973 – Permanent Preservation of Anatomic Dissections (John Snow MD, senior author) – American Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

1973 – Familial Diffuse Trichoepitheliomatosis with Malignant Degeneration into Basal Cell Carcinoma – a report of three generations in females – Presented at the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

1973-1974 – Basic Science Lecture Series of 18 lectures – a study guide in preparation for the Plastic Surgery Boards – Greater Jacksonville Plastic Surgery Society

1974-1975 – Areolar and Nipple Reconstruction – submitted for publication to Dr. D. Ralph Millard – later appeared in Colcock’s 1977 book on breast recon.

1975 – “Minimizing the Effects of Soft Tissue Injuries – The Journal of Emergency Nursing. “Flexion Contractures of the Hand” (John Snow senior author) – Florida Medical Journal. Lewis Obi and James Baker Academic Presentation booth at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting in Toronto, Canada “Evaluation of Saline and Gel Implants – A Three Year Study of Dual Implantation in the Same Patient”.

1977 – November – “Minimizing the Effects of Soft Tissue Injuries in the Emergency Department” – Journal of Emergency Services.

1978 – Lorne Elthrington M.D. (Stanford), Thomas Baker M.D. (Miami) and Lewis Obi M.D. (Jacksonville). – “Technique of Dissociative Anesthesia with the Use of Ketamine” – Multiple publications and presentations of technique. Subsequently utilized in more than 10,000 patients between 1978 and 2000 with no serious side effects. Refer to 1980 article in Annals of Plastic Surgery entitled “Oranges, Lemons and Persimmons – The Ketamine Question”.

1978 – Presentation manual and pass outs for “The Lewis J. Obi and Obi Plastic Surgery International Plastic Surgery Symposium” held at the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic in conjunction with Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville. Faculty included Dr. Lorne Elthrington, Dr. Thomas Baker, Dr. Jim Baker and Dr. John Adriani. New techniques of outpatient surgery, anesthesia, cutting edge plastic surgery procedures and development of safe out patient surgery centers were featured in the presentations and publications.

1978 – May – “Operation to Abolish the Glabellar Frown – Lewis J. Obi, M.D. and John W. Snow M.D. – American Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Volume 11).

1980 – “Oranges, Lemons and Persimmons – The Ketamine Question” – Annals of Plastic Surgery, Volume 4, Number 6

1982 – Major contributing author: Bernard Barret’s “Textbook of Patient Care in Plastic Surgery” – Little, Brown & Company, publishers. Three chapters written by Dr. Lewis Obi. Chapter on “Chemical Peels and Dermabrasion” co authored by Dr. Thomas Baker MD

1986 – 1988 – Developed and generated the first procedure and protocol manual for a licensed ambulatory surgery center for plastic surgery in the state of Florida. This was required to achieve state licensure and there was no precedent.


1996 – “Patient Care in Plastic Surgery” – Bernard Barrett – Second Edition – wrote three chapters: Chapter 2 – Preoperative Evaluation and Preparation; Chapter 4 – Post-operative Management; Chapter 18 – Chemical Peeling and Dermabrasion. (Special mention from Dr. Barrett for assisting him with preparation of the book. Dr. Barrett rotated through the Obi Plastic Clinic as a fellow in plastic surgery).


2000 – “RENAISSANCE – Center for Cosmetic Renewal” – construction of in house aesthetic center with clinic expansion totaling 12,000 square feet. Publication of in house aesthetic brochures and manuals and development of new website.


2008 – “Sunscreens, skin cancers and melanomas” – review of etiology, prevention and safety guidelines pertaining to sunscreens. In house publication and posted on website.


January through December – Completed numerous preceptorships and in house training sessions for numerous plastic surgeons and other laser specialists in the area of laser lipolysis.

February – A new technique of laser lipolysis utilizing dual wave length laser device developed by Palomar Medical Technology. Submitted to Jacksonville CBS affiliate and followed up with live television interview on The Morning Show with Bruce Hamilton.

July – Narrated surgical 38 minute video on laser lipolysis distributed to plastic surgery colleagues and students undergoing preceptorship.

November – ORLANDO, FL – 12 Month Review of 132 Patients Treated with Palomar’s Laser Lipolysis Unit – Presented at an advanced symposium in Orlando, Florida.


January through December – Completed numerous preceptorships and in house training sessions for numerous plastic surgeons and other laser specialists in the area of laser lipolysis.

April 17 – WASHINGTON, D.C. – ASAPS ANUUAL MEETING – Presenter of “A Novel Approach to Non-Surgical Neck Tightening”.

May 5 – INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR – Clinical presentation on SlimLipo and
“A Novel Approach to Non-Surgical Neck Tightening”.

December – JACKSONVILLE, FL – Annual Meeting of the Duval County Medical Society – “Laser Assisted Lipolysis Utilizing Safe and Effective Wave Lengths – A Two Year Review in 248 Patients.”


January through December – January through December – Completed numerous preceptorships and in house training sessions for numerous plastic surgeons and other laser specialists in the area of laser lipolysis and stem cell enhanced fat grafting.

SCULPTING – Major presenter at advanced symposium
March – TV CHANNEL 4 JACKSONVILLE – The Morning Show featured Dr. Lewis Obi presenting early cases of Stem Cell Fat grafting for breast and upper extremity reconstruction as well as cosmetic cases.

April – BOSTON – Interview for major magazine article, ASAPS in Boston and tour of Palomar Medical Technology Inc. plant in Burlington MA

May 21 – NYC – Palomar Advanced Symposium on Slimlipo Technique

September 27 – DENVER – ASPS lecture on “The New Facelift in the New Economy – Combining Modalities for Customized Results” – major presentation

October 15 – SANTA MONICA, CA – Palomar Advanced Symposium – Major presentation: “Body Sculpting & The New Facelift in the New Economy”

November 12 – ORLANDO, FL -: Major presentation: “Body Sculpting & The New Facelift in the New Economy”
November 17 -LONG ISLAND, NY – Major presentation at an Advanced Symposium around advanced lasers and stem cell concentrated fat grafting in the areas of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. Presentation on the new OPERA LIFT (ObiPalomarExternalRejuvenationalAesthetics) described and innovated by Dr. Lewis Obi.


January 9 – JACKSONVILLE, FL – Major art presentation to the Jacksonville Artists Guild – “Serendipitous Journey with Art, Plastic Surgery and Manierre Dawson”. Introduction of Dr. Lewis Obi as a major international patron of the arts, president of Obiarts, Inc, plastic surgeon and Fellow, Royal Society of Art, London.

Upcoming presentations for Palomar: NYC (May) and Fort Lauderdale, FL (June)


During Dr. Lewis Obi’s entire medical career, he has enhanced and shared his knowledge in a long list of countries including: The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Greece, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Grenada, Japan, and the Philippines. Last year Dr. Obi was invited to speak and act as faculty leader at the National Meeting of the Danish Society of Plastic Surgeons.


Dr. Lewis Obi has surpassed requirements set forth by the American Board of Plastic Surgery during almost 40 years of certification and therefore too voluminous to include. Available upon request.


1. 1963-1965 – Co-founder, Editor and Publisher of UM-Med Apprentice, University of Miami Medical School Newspaper – Recurring editorials published during the third and fourth year of medical school.
2. 1965 – Medical World News (International) – Obi,LJ – 5000 Year History of Plastic Surgery.
3. 1974 – Florida Times Union – Among “Best Dressed Men of the Year” – Jacksonville.
4. 1974 – Florida Times Union – Dr. Lewis Obi, team doctor for the Jacksonville Sharks (World Football League)
5. 1975 – Florida Times Union – Owners list of the Jacksonville Express, World Football League. Game programs for 1975 season games.
6. 1977 – Florida Times Union – Announcement of the opening of The Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic.
7. 1978 – DCMS and Plastic Surgery Newsletters – Announcement of the 1st Obi Plastic Surgery National Symposium.
8. 1983 – Florida Times Union – “Dr. Lewis Obi – Major Collector and Exhibition of the Works of Karl Faberge’”.
9. 1985 – Florida Times Union – Dr. Lewis Obi’s Plastic Surgery Center serves as stage set for Nederlander Productions film “Intimate Strangers” starring Stacy Keach, Terry Garr, Max Gail and Kathy Lee Crosby.
10. 1985 – New York Times, New York Daily News, The Post and W Magazine – coverage of the Daniel exhibition of “Olympians, Gods and Heroes.

To be provided with revisions and updates

To be provided with revisions and updates

To be provided with revisions and updates

This is an area which will require a separate major attachment. The international art firm Obiarts Inc. was established by Dr. Lewis Obi thirty years ago. Obiarts Inc. has made numerous donations of world class art to major museums and institutions which include but not limited to: Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC, American Wing of the Smithsonian, Milwaukee Art Museum, Penn State University Palmer Museum of Art, Yale Museum, Illinois State Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Jacksonville, Jacksonville University Alexander Brest Museum, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), the Swope Museum and many local churches.


Beginning in early 2001, architectural plans and design for enlargement and upgrading of the clinical facilities were started and are now near completion. Syndication with inclusion of other plastic surgeons is in progress with implementation of advanced innovative methods and techniques in plastic surgery. More than three decades of work with the world famous American Modernist, Manierre Dawson has resulted in numerous exhibitions, publications and expansion of museums that have included Dawson in their collections. Last year Dr. Obi’s wife, Myra Bairstow completed the Manierre Dawson Catalogue Raisonne’ with a book signing in New York at the Hollis Taggart Gallery. See website at (www.manierredawson.com) . This was followed with a lecture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York . Chicago artist Manierre Dawson, who in 1910 completed some of the first and most important abstract paintings ever painted. In 1999, Lewis Obi and Myra Bairstow co-curated one of the leading New York art shows in association with Drs. Adams and Ploog and the Hollis Taggart Galleries of New York City. Dr. Obi is also the graphic director for wife Myra Bairstow (DGA, SAG), who’s play “The Rise of Dorothy Hale was produced at a major Off-Broadway Theater (St. Lukes Theater) in 2007-2008 (website: www.dorothyhale.com). Myra Bairstow in April 2012 was featured as a major Frida Kahlo art scholar and lecturer by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Her lecture at the Bing Theater was very well received and has led to subsequent lectures at the Quebec and Mexico City museums. She is currently completing her book on Frida Kahlo and Dorothy Hale which may lead to a movie based on 12 years of research.

A detailed list of CME’s, Medical Conferences attended, Publications, Book Contributions and non-medical professional accomplishments are available upon request. CV is always in the process of being updated. View website at www.obiplasticsurgery.com for a list of recent accomplishments.

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